Back in May, the nine young people behind Meet My World 2016 received a very special visitor. Renowned Peruvian chef Martin Morales was in town and together with the young filmmakers, their mission was simple; to invent dishes that will be served alongside their films at our Meet My World events in London and Lima

Following a demonstration from Martin, the young people had the chance to experiment with new flavours, try out weird and wonderful combinations, and put their own mark on some of the country’s classic dishes. Over the course of the day, each of the group had created their very own ceviche, a nutritious salad and a whole array of multi-coloured juices.

There’s no doubting that the young people enjoyed the creative freedom Martin encouraged in the kitchen, something which allowed them to create some really unique dishes. We look forward to sharing a selection of the children’s dishes with you on the 13th September. Buy your tickets here!